Spring Cleaning: Holistic Detox at MFTP

Spring is a great time to gently support the body as it emerges from winter and gears up for the warmer months of sunlight and activity. Getting digestion moving properly and supporting the organs of detoxification and elimination can help you experience freer movement of energy through the body and mind. Attempting to detox on your own can be daunting. Success is more likely with the positive support of a group and the opportunity for individualized support. The detox with take place April 22-27th.;

Along with group classes and support, you will receive:

– Recipes, herbal teas, and lifestyle practices
– Three community acupuncture treatments
– Gentle yoga and stretching
– Nutritional Supplements for additional purchase

We are committed to making holistic health care accessible to everybody.

Sliding Scale $50-80

This holistic detox is led by clinical nutritionist Emily Samet and registered acupuncturist, Deirdre Kelley.

For more information about this event, please email info@medicineforthepeople.org or call us at 802-387-3028

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