Free Wild and Medicinal Plant Walk at the Brattleboro Farmers Market

Free Plant walks at the Brattleboro Farmer’s Market: Saturday July 20th, Aug. 3rd & 24th at 11am

The Brattleboro Farmers Market is open 9 to 2 outdoors on Rte 9 and SUMMER is hitting it’s stride! Peaches, blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, beans and glorious delights of all shapes and flavors are in. Harvest Health Coupons are in: EBT customers, double your money up to $10 while supplies last! 802-254-8885

Join botanist, herbalist and naturalist Heidy Adams on a walk at the Brattleboro Saturday market. We’ll be exploring traditional uses of the native and introduced plants growing in the field, wooded areas and down by the river. There are over 40 plants to discuss!

For all ages! Anyone interested in learning more about the uses of wild local plants are welcome.
Plant walks start at 11 a.m. and will run about an hour. We’ll meet at the information board at the east end of the market.

Attend as many or few walks as you like- I’ll be covering different plants each week.

Note: There is a fair amount of poison ivy at the market so wear good walking shoes if you can. I’ll try to bring the poison ivy to your attention as much as possible.

Plant List: Broad-leaf plantain, lanced-leaf plantain, Japanese knotweed, maple, stinging nettle, ground ivy, curly dock, dandelion, poison ivy, jewel weed, wild rose, sumac, red clover, lobelia, mugwort, dames rocket, wood sorrel, milk weed, goldenrod, white pine, heal all, wild lettuce, burdock, American basswood, white oak, wild mustard, wild grape, Virginia creeper, periwinkle, hedge nettle, coltsfoot, poplar, birch, beech, mullein, violet, poke weed, St. John’s Wort, Motherwort, Tiger lilly: and more!

– Brattleboro Farmer’s Market

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