Want To REALLY Make A Difference? An Appeal To Our Community

Four Years ago my wife Beverly Beane, a resident of Guilford, was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure.  

We ask your help in finding a compatible live kidney donor – someone with type O blood, under 60 and healthy.  It takes a village . . .   Please take six minutes to watch the video.  If you can’t help, please share. 

Please contact Ed Liebfried for more information.  ed.liebfried@gmail.com  A wealth of info is also available through the Dartmouth-Hitchcock transplant center. 

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  • No Video . . .

    Looks like the video didn’t embed. Hoping to get this fixed. Meanwhile, here’s the web address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjiQlk5YmZY


    • If it's right

      Beverly and I are hopeful that there is just ONE angel out there for whom giving a courageous, selfless, impactful and loving gift is just what they need in their own life. When I volunteered to be tested, I KNEW it was right for me. Even if not a match for my wife, I decided that once her transplant had been completed, I’d make the gift to someone else. Sadly, some minor health concerns of my own prevented it all. So here I am in a support role, doing my best to further the search. Please, if you can’t make the gift yourself, share the video and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/findbeverlyakidney

      Many many thanks!

  • Share button

    I hope everyone is sharing this far and wide. This is a goal that can be reached, I’m sure. Let’s do it.

    The share button under the story allows you to post this to your favorite (of over 500) social media sites. This is a perfect opportunity to test out this feature.

    Best of luck to Ed and Beverly finding a donor. I hope we can help.

    • Hopeful and Happy

      Thanks again to all who have read and shared this. We’re hopeful that the one person for whom the gift and timing is right will see this. We are keeping positive and enjoying the gifts and joys of life, and look forward to the next chapter. Please keep on sharing and please let me know if you have questions.

  • Still Searching

    Many thanks to those who have read, considered and shared this video. We’re still searching for a healthy blood type O individual who would like to make this huge gift. For someone, it will be an act that will be life-changing – for the giver as well as the receiver. Beverly is doing well, keeping a positive outlook of hope and gratitude, and doing her dialysis sessions every other day. We keep on keeping on . . .

    • Keep bringing it up

      Thanks for bringing this up again. I sent it out again to our twitter list again, and I hope people find ways to share it with their various social media networks.

  • another bump

    Commenting to bump this up again.

    Use your social media skills to help find a donor!

    • I hope they are able to find

      I hope they are able to find a donor soon. There is such a huge need for all organ donors in this country. I’ve shared this twice with over 400 people in all of NE -will do so again this morning.

      • Thanks!

        Thank you KAlden, you are a true angel. We know that this huge and amazing gift will be part of someone’s journey.

  • New Potential Donor

    Hello folks,
    I am thrilled to report we have a new donor beginning the testing process soon. No guarantees that this means a transplant will be the end result, but it’s a huge step in the right direction. We still seek others who are willing to be tested.
    Many many thanks,

    • Excellent

      This is very good news… keep us posted. We’re rootin’ for you both.

      We’ll keep sharing this until it works out.


    • Wonderful news! Here's hoping

      Wonderful news! Here’s hoping that this provides a donor and a chance at a healthier life. Please keep us posted.

  • Checking in

    How’s the kidney search going?

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