21 Day Slimdown at GMCFit A New Year A New You! Jan. 6

21 Day Slimdown: A NEW YEAR: A NEW YOU! January 6th!

Accountability Partners and a Private Facebook Group will help you KEEP your New Years Resolutions!

Green Mountain Community Fitness helps Brattleboro stay healthy. Join us! We’re more than a gym.

Contact gmcfit@gmail.com with questions or sign up on at www.gmcfit.com. Located at 80 Flat St.

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  • Paid ad versus post

    Every once in awhile a post will appear on ibrattleboro that is really an advertisement for a for profit business. I’m curious as to what constitutes a paid ad versus a post that is actually an ad ? Why would someone bother to pay to place an ad if they can do it for free just by posting? Nothing against this particular business – have just seen it a few times and wondered how it works.Is it that paid ads can appear in both the classified section and in the posts?

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