Talking About Health Insurance? Don’t Forget Herpes

Talking About Health Insurance? Don’t Forget Herpes, the Gift That Keeps On Giving & Costing $$$

Let’s Talk About Obamacare, changes coming in health care & what’s next in health insurance and Genital Herpes!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one out of six people in the United States aged 14 to 49 have genital herpes caused by the HSV-2 infection (the herpes simplex virus often responsible for genital herpes).

How many young teenagers, young adults,

and older Vermonters like me, have the

“gift that keeps on giving”?

When you first get genital herpes,

you might find your first symptoms are

that you cannot urinate. Nothing comes out.

Your system gets totally blocked.

You start burning with fever.

If you can’t afford herpes suppressant medicine,

how are you going to hold a job if this occurs

several times a year?

Replacing Obamacare is big in the news right now.

There is one thing I want,

and that’s a little honesty!

Obamacare claimed to give healthcare to people

with pre-existing conditions,


that did not cover prescriptions!

I will use myself as an example.

My prescription insurance plan,

Medicare Plan D,

allows the insurer to change which prescription

drugs they cover and don’t cover.

To me, this feels like blatant contract fraud.

There is no “meeting of the minds”.

There is no safety net.

Look at this letter they sent me in January 2017,

stating that they suddenly decided that they

aren’t going to pay for herpes suppressant

medicine anymore.

Well, it’s May, and the big sore I have hasn’t

healed yet, and I’m still waiting for the primary

care provider to file an appeal with the

Medicare Plan D provider!

Look at the receipt from the pharmacy,

because under Medicare Plan D they did have

to fill my prescription for 90 days more,



but then they cut me off


 and then I had

an outbreak, after they cut me off!

The co-pay with Medicare Plan D was $3.70

at Rite Aid in Springfield, Vermont.

The cost without prescription insurance?



Why are Medicare Plan D providers allowed to

change their coverage? How is that not contract fraud?

I can’t reach the House Freedom Caucus because blocked me and deactivated me,


What right does a government group like the

House Freedom Caucus have to use

as their official place of communicating with American

Voters when in fact facebook kicks out people anytime

they want to? That’s not freedom of speech!

House Freedom Caucus


. 15923 likes · 1452 talking about this. Official Facebook
Page of the House Freedom Caucus.

ps. Yes, I’m turning 65 years old this month.

Don’t call me to sell me anything!

AARP, do not call me!

AARP excluded me from candidate debates and

forums many times starting in 2002 and continuing

through 2016.

I will NEVER join AARP!

Taking away herpes suppressant medicine can

kill someone. Did you know that depending on

what type of other injuries you have after you

get genital herpes, that it can spread through

your blood to the site of other injuries!

Your genital herpes can turn into herpes encephalitis

of the spine or herpes encephalitis of the brain

and kill you.

I haven’t touched a man in over 18 years. Not one kiss,

nothing. But Herpes is a gift that keeps on giving!




I have been a perennial political candiadte starting

2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016

and I will get on the ballot 2018

as a candidate for U.S. Congress

against incumbent

U.S. Congressman Peter Welch

who voted to lower food stamps.











CONTRACT FRAUD?????????????????



and post my complaint for me at the House Freedom Caucus – Home | Facebook



Please do me a favor, since I have been blocked from facebook,





 What’s wrong with the statement above and how does it affect the

over all cost of health care in America? Herpes is the gift that

keeps on giving, so if you caught it when you were younger,

you still have it now, even if you are turning 65 this month, like me!

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  • I could be alone in this but

    I could be alone in this but I would be really, really happy if no one ever talked in detail about their sexually transmitted diseases on this site again. Can we just go back to skate park conversations or those highly disruptive contrail controversies?

    • Censorship always begs too many questions

      You may not be alone, but, since as of this writing, 124 people have “viewed” this article, it compels me ask, if censoring one topic, say, in favor of others, how do we know if the other 123 people feel the same way?

      Should this article be deleted or censored in some way because one or more of our readers are uncomfortable with the topic?

      How much easier and fair is it for any reader to simply click the “home” link and move on to another topic they are more favorably disposed to?

      Public media, particularly licensed, should present controversial issues as well as the soft issues, where either and both are open to public dissemination.

      The “Flag as offensive” link on this site is used for comments, but the purpose of comments is not meant to be or act as a censoring tool for an individual or even a group viewers of content to block article content they happen to disagree with or are offended by.

      • Not suggesting that this post

        Not suggesting that this post be deleted or censored or even “flagged” as inappropriate. My comment was just that – MY comment. My own opinion about the details laid out about a very personal subject. Obviously the poster has no problem with sharing even the most graphic and private parts of their life. I clicked on the post – as I’m guessing many people did -out of sheer curiosity as to why – with all the many illnesses and diseases being labeled as being pre existing one would single out herpes – if the point of the post was to bring attention to the horrible health care plan the present administration has devised. But, it was not a post to garner attention to the overall despair that this bill will cause but rather to describe in graphic detail the results of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease and one person’s unhappiness with the health care system. I’m all for discourse on ‘controversial” topics. I do think those conversations can happen without such intimate and personal information being shared. Sorry…I still believe that some things are personal and are maybe better be discussed in a less public forum. My comment was that I hoped to never read about anyone’s STD on ibrattleboro again. I didn’t say that everyone should stop submitting their most graphic descriptions of their illnesses, lesions and/or sexual histories. I will just be more discerning on what I click on. No mention of censorship appeared in my comment, Vidda, so please don’t assume you know what makes me uncomfortable or not. The post didn’t make me uncomfortable – it made me feel sorry for the poster who feels a need to lay the most intimate details of their life open to all to see. Or read as the case may be. I am a believer of TMI – too much information. I’m also a believer in having some dignity.

        • Inimical or otherwise

          Kris, I did react to you saying that you” would be really, really happy if no one ever talked in detail about their sexually transmitted diseases on this site again.” So I guess that means at least that you were unhappy about the post.

          In this comment you state that the post “made me feel sorry for the poster who feels a need to lay the most intimate details of their life open to all to see,” which, as you say, is because they were sexual in nature.

          Of course, I do understand your personal beliefs about TMI and dignity and right to expression. However, as a victim of censorship myself, I have seen where personal beliefs have derailed articles because they were considered controversial.

          I think Cris Ericson, in her own way, inimical or otherwise, does set herself up for someone to react. It is certainly a way to get attention (number of views now at 137).

          • Not about sexuality. Only about attention.

            It wasn’t because the post was about sexuality- it was because it was another rambling diatribe that was initially described as a dissatisfaction with the health care system and then rapidly descended to a fairly graphic ( and I would think embarassing to most people who suffer with herpes) description of the physical attributes of this disease. I would have been fine with a straightforward discussion about sexuality and the way this current health care disaster punishes people ( mostly women) for their sexuality and is extremely punitive to those of us who have the audacity to have diseases or disabilities that require medical treatment and prescriptions. I enjoy a good conversation about controversial topics if it is logical and has a point to make and, even if tempers and keyboards flare, still has a whiff of purpose to it. But, a post with so much personal information that offers none of those things; that is just for shock value and to garner attention ( good or bad- I don’t think it matters) and is filled with no logic or even righteous anger just a lot of exclamation points and CAPITAL LETTERS serves no useful or informative purpose. Let’s have a well thought out. articulate and fierce conversation about sex or sexuality or disease. But, this post,in my opinion ( I can only express my own) was in bad taste. And, poorly written which is the larger offense.(again – my opinion.)

  • I've always been told one can

    I’ve always been told one can get STDs from kissing, from toilet seats, and from kissing toilet seats.
    Bob Fagelson

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