Guess What? CBD Actually Works

CBD salve

You’ve probably heard of CBD by now if you’re not already using it. It’s that new hemp product containing non-psychoactive the cannabinoid Cannabidiol that people are taking for inflammation and stress. As a recent convert myself, I thought I’d offer my experience treating long-term chronic neck and shoulder pain with CBD Oil. The short version is simply this: it works.

When I say chronic, I mean that the pain in my neck (I know) has been there since at least 2005 when I started doing yoga in an effort to relieve it. That didn’t work, and neither did stretching, deep relaxation, or massage. I wasn’t able to stop doing the thing that was causing the problem because it’s a constant and necessary part of my job. I’m referring to mousing, which is how I make the cursor move around. Typing is no problem but mousing is killer. I now use a trackball but even that hasn’t put a dent in the problem.

Around the time I was reaching my breaking point with neck and shoulder pain, a bunch of people my age — in their 50s — started spontaneously telling me about CBD. It was good for arthritis, muscle pain, and even wrinkles, they told me. I decided to try it.

Turns out there are more than a couple places you can get CBD in Brattleboro. Downtown, there’s the Brattleboro Food Co-op who have a lighted display under the counter in the Health and Wellness area. Their choices were limited but they have several brands of tincture and oil to fit your needs. The staffer told me their CBD options are growing all the time.

If you’re looking for an all-out hemp store (or you’d like to take your CBD in the form of gummy bears), then Hempicurean on Flat Street has you covered. They have many brands of CBD oils and tinctures, as well as ingestibles such as candy and other novelties. They’ve got your pets covered too with products just for them.

And finally, hyperlocal producers are also making the product — I saw it for sale at the Brattleboro Farmer’s Market the last time I was there.

Given my particular issues, I settled on a locally made CBD salve from a company called Green Mountain CBD out of Hardwick, VT. It’s a little tub of green goo and yes, it smells weedy. Although they say you can eat it, I just rubbed some on my neck and shoulders to see what it would do. Immediately my shoulders relaxed and the pain subsided. So I kept it up twice a day, and it definitely seemed to be helping.

It wasn’t until a week later though that I had a real breakthrough — the hearing in my right ear, which had been muffled for a while, suddenly came back. CBD reduced the inflammation in the back of my neck, relieving pressure on the ear — or at least, that’s my theory.

At any rate, CBD seems to have solved my most pressing problem, and while ergonomics and work habits need to be altered too, it’s nice to know there’s something you can buy relatively easily that can help. Ain’t Nature grand? If only we had known about this years ago.

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  • I recently began using CBD cream at the suggestion of m

    I recently began using CBD cream at the suggestion of my pain management doctor.
    What I’ve found is that it works pretty well for some areas/problems- not so much for others.
    I have RA and the joints in my hands and feet are quite distorted and eroded. It’s a constant pain and makes walking and holding onto things like a glass, etc. very difficult. The CBD worked on both issues within 48 hours. The pain isn’t gone but it’s tolerable.
    It wasn’t so successful on my spine which is really destroyed from degenerate joint disease. I get spinal injections for the pain every 3 monthsbut was hoping the CBD potions might help some in between treatments. I saw no improvement and I think there may just be too much damage to my back for this to work. It’s also been helpful with stress headaches- I put some on my temples at the beginning of a headache and it really lessens the pain. I wish it wasn’t quite as expensive as it is but it definitely helps me keep somewhat functional.

  • Also for pets

    My niece-dog Lulu is also using a form of it to help her with old age things, like joint pain.

    • What format?

      Chris, do you know how it’s being given to Lulu? Drops in her food or something topical?
      My Maine Coon, Sava, is almost 12 years old and is starting to have difficulties jumping up on the bed, etc and he limps sometimes.
      I’m thinking he’s probably got some arthritis going on and would love to find something more natural to give him .

      • Worth a try

        Pretty sure it is drops in the food, but I bet either could work.

        The Hempicurian shop downtown has a pet section. Might be worth a look.

        I used to give our old cat Birdie a shiatsu-like massage up and down her spine every day. Took a long time, but she did limber up.

        (The squirrel at the back door suggests giving a peanut to your cat, but I’m not sure I’d trust that advice.)

        • Thanks!

          I’m going to try to get down there this week. I have been giving him massages but, being quite a curmudgeon he often forgets to tell me when he’s had enough touching and prefers to use a “ gentle” bite as means of notification!
          No to the peanut. The last squirrel I trusted led me astray…

  • report from Lulu's hemp experiments

    KAlden: Lulu’s owner here – she’s on Ellevet “mobility oil” which was recommended by our vet down here in Maryland. Can get it online, it was made by the Cornell Vet school folks. She has the drops – 10 each meal (2x a day) the first week, then 5 drops a meal after that. It’s pretty stinky for her so I top it with salmon oil. So far we’re seeing some results – not overly dramatic but she seems to be doing a bit better on walks these days. It’s pretty pricey so we’re happy to see a local shop has their own version that is much cheaper. Going to try that next!

  • Still helping -- but yes, pricey

    I’ve been meaning to jump in here and acknowledge that CBD products aren’t cheap. The lowest price I saw was $30 for a little tub of oil and around the same price for a small bottle of tincture. So it’s really only for people who really need it and for whom it’s effective. One thing I’ve noticed is that a little goes a long way. I bought my CBD salve weeks ago but I still have half the container left. Sometimes I use less, sometimes more. I’m best when I use it twice a day.

    Still haven’t tried the tincture but I plan to and if I do, I’ll update here.

    Thanks for all the comments! It’s nice to hear from folks…

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