Information About Alternative Disinfectants and Hand Santizers

Because rubbing alcohol, disinfectant spray, and hand sanitizer are still difficult or impossible to find, here are two ideas:

1. Grain alcohol –  BE CAREFUL,   IT IS VERY FLAMMABLE!  and it’s not cheap ($19- $21), but these are unusual circumstances!

Everclear Vodka is 151 proof (75.5% alcohol) available at NH Liquor Stores. Here is link to the current supply on hand at each store, and what’s on order:

Also Saxton’s River Distillery in Brattleboro is making 170 proof (85% alcohol) Snowdrop Gin for use as a sanitizer. (see article in the Reformer, available online)     Here’s their website:

There are recipes online of how to make alcohol into hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray.

2. Another option is “Force of Nature” a make-it-home-at-home system that turns ordinary water into hypochlorous acid, an EPA certified disinfectant approved for hospital use.  The machine makes 12 oz at a time, and it lasts for 2 weeks, after which it is no longer effective. Hypochlorous acid can also be used as a hand sanitizer.

It can be ordered online and a basic setup starts at around $54 (if coupon is used) with free shipping. Here is a link to a 40% off coupon:  (They are behind on shipping orders because of coronavirus.)

(Full disclosure, I will receive a coupon for free capsules if you order using this link, but I am recommending this product because I think it will help us through this crisis and save lives. My intention is to spread the extra free capsule around to those who need in our community, if I receive more than one coupon.)

Remember, the goal is for everyone in our community to have hand sanitizer and disinfectant. Consider sharing your supply with a neighbor who has none. We are all in this together!

Stay safe, follow the CDC guidelines, and don’t forget to smile!

Rachel Bickel


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