Vermont Covid-19 Real Estate Guidance

Stay Home Stay Safe Sector Specific Guidance

New Rules effective April 20 for various occupations:

Guidance specifically for Real Estate

Real Estate

All professional services should be provided in a manner calculated to minimize in-person contact. Any activity that can be conducted remotely, online, by phone, or email, should be. The sale of real estate shall only occur within the confines of Section 1.3 of the guidance issued on April 17th concerning low or no contact professional services:

Services operating with a single worker (such as appraisers, realtors, municipal clerks, attorneys, property managers, pet care operators, and others) may operate if they can comply with the mandatory health and safety requirements listed above, with no more than 2 persons (service provider and client) present at one time.

Real estate services, whether by real estate firms, brokerages, attorneys or individuals, must conduct as much work as possible remotely and change the way they have traditionally done business. However, the April 17th guidance deems real estate and associated services (such as title searches, appraisals, and home inspections), as low- or no-contact professional services and allows them to resume limited operations. Professionals must limit interactions to no more than 2 people (the professional and a client). Real estate open houses shall not occur, but scheduled property showings where no more than 2 people are present may occur. Title searches should be conducted by appointment. Appraisers should use drive by appraisals as an alternative to entering a home if possible.

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