80 Facemasks Available

I just found a bunch of respirator-style facemasks in my closet. I’don’r even remember how I got them. I’d like to get ‘em out on the street, where they’re needed.

Right now, they are in two boxes, one containing 20, and one with 60 masks. I’d like to sell them in those quantities. Please call me if you can use them.


I have many pictures.

email— tomaidh@yahoo.com

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  • Sell them?

    You meant donate them… right?

    • Enormous wealth

      Steve, when I’m as wealthy as you are, I can consider giving things away.

      • Wealth?

        Wealth is not a predictor of decency. Those of us who are not wealthy, but who barely get by, typically do help out even though we are barely getting by ourselves. Selling medical masks to make a few bucks during this pandemic is not quite the same as selling widgets.

        The hospital website requests donations of N-95 respirator masks, as they are in short supply and needed for medical staff who work with patients.

        Take a look at what it says on the BMH website:


        “Can community members donate homemade PPE?”

        “We are accepting all donations of PPE from community and business members. There is a donation box on the front porch of the Community Relations Office – 55 Belmont Ave, Brattleboro (white house, green shutters). Please refer questions to Gina Pattison, (802) 251-8485.”

  • All gone

    These have all been sold.
    I have 5 left. If anybody wants one for free, call me 257-1829

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