Only 55.8% In Windham County Are Fully Vaccinated, Says CDC

According to the CDC’s website, 64.4% of the total population of Windham County has had at least one does of a COVID vaccine.  55.8% are fully vaccinated.

Keep this in mind as we crow about Vermont’s high vaccination rates.  We haven’t hit 70% in Windham County yet. We’re much closer to “half way there” than the “almost 100%” people like to assume.

For example, I saw this in an event press release today: “Unvaccinated individuals discouraged from attending. The reported 93% publicly health-minded in Brattleboro who ARE vaccinated are encouraged to wear masks due to uncertainties about Delta variant. ”  Not only does this get the number wrong, it implies that unvaccinated individuals aren’t publicly health-minded.

The CDC classifies Windham County as having “moderate” community transmission, a step above “low”.  Stay safe.

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  • Windham

    Vermont site says 77.5% with at least one shot. And this is for age 12 and up. 12-17 have only been eligible for a relatively short time. This is about 6.5% less than the state as a whole which stands at 84.1. I would go to Vermont for VT info rather than national.


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