Earn Time Credits for Helping Your Neighbors Save Energy

A unique collaboration has recently been formed between the Brattleboro Energy Committee and Brattleboro Time Trade (BTT). Volunteers who register with BTT can now earn credit for assisting the energy committee with the Vermont Home Energy Challenge.

“We are very happy to provide a grant to the Vermont Home Energy Challenge,” said BTT coordinator Abby Mnookin. “We can think of no better use of our resources than to support a project where people are helping their neighbors to make their homes more energy efficient, save money and help stop climate change.” BTT volunteers working on the Challenge are eligible to receive up to 15 hours in Time Trade credit.

The purpose of the Vermont Home Energy Challenge is to improve the energy efficiency of homes and apartments throughout the state. More than 75 towns throughout the state are participating in the program. Ten Brattleboro homes have completed energy projects so far in 2013, saving an average of $1,000 a year in energy costs.

Time Trade is an international organization that promotes neighbors helping neighbors through an online network. People sign up to offer whatever services they wish, and to request help with tasks or projects. When an exchange happens the recipient’s account is debited, and the provider’s account is credited for however many hours the project took.

“The Home Energy Challenge is very grateful to BTT for this grant,” said Town Energy Coordinator Paul Cameron. “There are a lot of people in our community who are spending way too much to heat their homes each winter, and the Challenge offers assistance for them to take positive steps to change that. Committee members are going door to door, making calls to residents and initiating a major publicity campaign to educate homeowners about the things that they can do to tighten up their houses, as well as the incentives that are available from Efficiency Vermont.”

To volunteer, or to learn more about the Vermont Home Energy Challenge, contact Paul Cameron at: 802-251-8135 or pcameron@brattleboro.org, or visit www.brattleboroenergychallenge.org.

To learn more about Brattleboro Time Trade, visit http://www.brattleborotimetrade.org/ or call 802-246-1199 during office hours Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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