Flood Watch in Effect for Windham County

There’s a flood watch in effect for Windham County for most of the day, and a chance of thunderstorms showing every day now through Independence Day next Thursday. A very wet week.

The Windham County Sheriff’s Department posted this photo of the Whetstone this morning:

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  • Wow.

    Seems like the region just to our north is getting hit pretty hard. Just heard Walpole area and Cheshire Co has had 5 inches of rain reported tonight.

    • Putney Got Walloped Too

      I was up at Walker’s with my mother around 4:30 yesterday afternoon and we got trapped in the greenhouse for about 10 minutes of the most torrential downpour I’ve seen in years, if ever. A stream instantly materialized under the vegetable tables outside and down just about every slope we could see leading from the road. More than a few minutes of that would have caused flash flooding for sure. But just as suddenly as it came, it was over. The sun came out, the rain carried on for a few more minutes and then it stopped altogether, replaced by a huge irridescent rainbow over the river to our east.

      This morning I woke up in the early hours to find that our power was out, but it was back on when I got up ariund 8:00 am.

      Crazy weather we’re having this summer, huh?

      • It's an AlGorithm.

        Awful what this Global, ehem, “Warming” will do isn’t it. Oh well just means more FEMA money for Vermont.

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