Windy Day in Brattleboro

Wednesday evening was the beginning of some rather strong wind gusts in Brattleboro, leaving many without power, phones, internet service, trees, or some combination of the above by Thursday morning.

We had a meeting in West Brattleboro earlier today. Along the way we passed repair trucks from just about every telecommunications provider.  I counted six trucks parked with employees conferring just beyond the Farmers’ Market. There were others.

There were large and small trees down, with quite a few in the “cut just enough to let traffic by” stage of clean-up. 

There were some fallen trees that caused some gasps. One had fallen on a wire that was still holding it up. Crowell Park lost a very large tree near the front.

We’ve heard from some people who said Comcast was out, others who lost power, and some who had phone service interrupted.

On Cedar Street, it is mostly trash blowing around and smaller branches. How did you do?

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  • Of course

    … just after I wrote this I went out and turned right instead of left. Cedar Street was closed due to damage at the ski jump end of things.

  • Comcast

    When I called at 6a to report the outage, they said it’d be repaired by 8:53a. I thought that was strangely precise. At 10a I called, and they said by 4:45p. It actually came back a bit after 3.
    And today, snow.

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