New Climate Crisis Video From Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben has a new video series via the Sanders Institute on the subject of a climate crisis. Take a look at episode 1.

Watching this during an oppressive heat wave is probably just a coincidence, right?

This reinforces my view that nature and animals are the biggest concern, at least until we solve this crisis. If we don’t, nothing else will really matter.

If we let the climate crisis go unchecked, every other problem will be exacerbated. Feeling the stress of Mexican immigration? How will we react when everyone in Boston and New York wants to move away from the coast? A smart long term plan for Brattleboro might be to start working on climate refugee housing and services.

Capitalism stands in our way. People without enough money can’t help, even if they really wanted to, and corporations with “solutions” want to get paid. A serious government would have a program to replace every gas-powered vehicle for free, immediately, for anyone who can’t afford it otherwise. A serious government would be replacing oil furnaces for free, immediately. This isn’t socialism… it’s survival.

McKibben says this is the first of series, so we’ll stay tuned to see what he suggests.

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