The Green Leaves of Autumn

It’s already the end of October, and the leaves have just started falling. BUT, they’re almost all still green. What’s up? Is this due to global and local warming?

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  • warmer

    The first frost was pretty late this year. (Remember when they’d come in September?) It was mid-October before temps dropped below freezing.

    The danger is if we get heavy wet snow while leaves remain… that leads to lots of broken branches.

  • Colors

    I was under the impression that color change was triggered by shorter day length. That doesn’t seem to be what’s happening.

  • Plenty of fall color north of town

    Not sure what’s up in Brattleboro, but as you drive north into Newfane along the West River, the fall color has been very much in evidence. We’ve seen nothing but normal to above average foliage display this year, with all the usual yellows, reds, and oranges. But I’ve also noticed that as you drive south into town, it gets greener. I don’t have a clue why because it hasn’t been that much warmer in Brattleboro, near as I can tell. But foliage season does seem less vivid this year, in town if not the surrounding areas.

  • November 3rd

    I look out my window and there’s leaves all over the ground…and they’re still all green. Down Elm street, I can see a lot of yellow. No red or orange,
    Across the river on Wantasticut, there’s plenty of yellows and oranges.
    Nowhere can I see a red tree.

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