Baby Robins – From Egg to Fledgling

In addition to the baby foxes this spring, we were treated to a robin’s nest outside of our dining room window. An enterprising pair of robins built a really great nest in the rhododendron bush, and three blue eggs were sat upon by mom.

I got a bit of video every day, from egg to feathered baby robins leaving the nest.

As you will see, they start out quite unfeathered like little pink space creatures. In the last few days, they really grow and start to become little birds. This video took about a week and a half to complete.

A word of warning. While all of the baby robins made it out of the nest, one had a “Circle of Life” experience that was rather traumatizing for me and for the robin parents. This video, therefore, has a choose your own ending feature built-in.

If you want a completely happy ending, the video will warn you when to stop watching. If you don’t mind the truth, there is a bit of explanation at the end. Nothing awful to see, though. Just words.

Otherwise, enjoy some robins, from egg to fledgling!

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  • Wonderful

    I’ve always loved Robins

    • very robin-like

      I enjoyed how much they instantly became little robins, doing robin things, like stretching their necks out with beaks held high, waiting for food to drop in.

      There were times when they all be sleeping, then suddenly pop up with beaks in the air. A minute later mom and dad would show up with food. All before their little eyes were open.

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