Isaias Heading Toward Vermont

Tropical Storm Isaias is pounding the Mid-Atlantic as I type this, and is heading our way. And although it is centered over Maryland right now, we’re getting hit with the outer bands of rain already. This storm stretches from Virginia to Canada at the moment.

Originally it was tracking to the east of us, then directly over us. Unfortunately for this area, the storm track has shifted west and the center is aiming at Albany. That puts us in the “worst” quadrant of the storm – the 12-3 o’clock positions. The heaviest rain and winds are usually in this section of a storm like this.

Weather warnings are up and ample – wind advisories, flash flood advisories, chances of hail and tornadoes (yes, tornadoes), heavy rain and so on. Winds are expected to pick up early this afternoon.

Luckily, the storm is expected to weaken a bit by Tuesday night to a status of “post-tropical.”. Even so, 2-4 inches of rain is significant, and winds can cause damage.

It’s going to be a wet and windy day and night, but should clear out for nicer weather the rest of the week.


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  • Right in the Path!

    I am living 32 miles directly south of Albany! Gee! It will pass right over our heads. Thanks for the advisory, Chris! Melevav

  • Tornado Watch

    There is a tornado watch in effect in Bennington and Windham counties until 9 pm tonight.

    • A Hard Rain 's Gonna Fall

      Heavy rain right now at 2:58 pm here in Oak Hill New York about 30 miles due South of Albany. Our little drought of many weeks may be coming to an end!

  • Power out?

    Wondering what damage people are seeing from the storm? Downtown Brattleboro was without power at 5:15 PM yesterday – no traffic lights, no functioning ATMs. But up in our neighborhood off Estey Street we were OK power wise. We got 1.5″ of rain and all the phlox are bent double as are the leggier tomatoes. Nothing major.

    • Power Out

      We had high winds and heavy rain, but at first glance I don’t see any damage.

      We did lose power, though. It went off once, then came back on, then off again and came back on, then off again and… off until early this morning. Candles and lanterns went into operation, and we played a round of Snow Day.

      The nearby river was really roaring for a while.

      Hope everyone is ok.

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