The Much-Needed Snow

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I think we all needed this snowfall. There’s something calming about a big blanket of snow that keeps people inside, vehicles off the road, and so on.

It purifies. Think how happy Dorothy and friends were to have Glinda cover them in snowy flakes. It took away the witch’s spell.

It’s peaceful, which is something that almost has to be imposed on us now. We can’t just sit anymore. Something has to be happening. It takes nature to override our non-stop tendencies.

Take some time to just watch the snow fall. Do nothing else. Relax.

We’re approaching two feet here at iBrattleboro World Headquarters. Let it snow… the garden beds needed to be covered and the drought conditions need replenishing.

(Of course, if anyone loves shoveling and wants to practice, I have a driveway for ya….)

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  • Lovely Snow

    I woke up at 5 and have been sitting watching the snow fall. There’s little in life that makes me happier than a big snow storm.

  • Snow comment

    There are about 23 inches here, plus more in the drifts and plow piles. We shoveled for hours and still haven’t finished. There is sooo much snow.

    There was a point this morning when we got about 6-8 inches in an hour. Lise cleared an area, put out some birdseed, and it was covered within minutes by two inches. : )

    I think we’ll play a round of Snow Day. (Let us know if you figure out a solitaire version….)

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