I Want A Snow Day

Remember way back when we used to have snow? Wasn’t that a fun time?

I’d really appreciate a good, old-fashioned snow day sometime soon. One of those days when we get a foot or more of (not heavy and wet) snow and everything has to close down. Everyone gets a day off, schools close, and  we hear the sound of plowing, shoveling and snow blowing.

I feel like I’m partly to blame for the lack of snow. I went ahead an invested in a snowblower earlier this year, which seems to have prevented all snow storms. (Last summer I bought a sprinkler for the lawn and we began to get steady rain.)

I enjoy the quiet comfort of a good snow cover. The garden plants would appreciate being covered up, too.

Snow would give some reason for the “winter parking ban” that’s in effect and causing renters to do daily parking dances.

C’mon, as our president would say. Winter isn’t winter without some snow. And what we have out there barely qualifies.

Anyone else want a snow day sometime soon?

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