Brattleboro Winter Weather Advisory Beginning April 2

The National Weather Service is forecasting a prolonged storm beginning Tuesday, April 2, and continuing into Thursday. The storm will initially bring rain before transitioning to snow Tuesday night through Wednesday, where it will potentially turn back to sleet and rain.

The shift to snow will occur first in higher elevations followed by the valleys. The Weather Service is predicting heavy snowfall in higher elevations and moderate amounts in the valleys. The accumulation of wet, heavy snow could lead to downed trees and power lines, which may cause power outages.

The public is advised to prepare for the possibility of long power outages, obstructed roads, and slow travel conditions.

Town staff will continue to monitor the forecast as we prepare for the extended storm.

Our Emergency Management team will provide updates when needed. Visit for updates.

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Winter Weather Advisory Beginning April 2
Date: April 1, 2024
230 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT
(802) 251-8151

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  • Notice

    Now we must decide if this notice or the Trash pickup story is the April fools day joke.

  • Charge it!

    Whatever you have that needs to be charged, do it today.

    • heh heh... charging!

      …. to the Castle!

      … but my card is maxed out!

      More seriously… yes, good reminder to charge your devices. (And fill up some extra water containers, he says to himself.)

  • What is longest Brattleboro has gone without power?

    I recall a few years ago a blackout downtown that lasted a few hours, but nothing really serious like five hours.

    Anyone with institutional memory?

  • April Snows Bring May Wetness

    We got a good flocking down here by the river. It can’t be terribly heavy cuz the hedges are full but aren’t bowed. The trees are all spray-painted white; they’d just gotten a bit green to them. O April, thou cruelest month. It’s still coming down, looks sleety in the security lamplight.

    • Our second spring snow

      We are at about 5-6 inches of good snowball-making snow this morning and expect it to keep coming down all day.

      As for power outages… Irene knocked out power for a few hours. Not sure how long There was the outage on Halloween a number of years ago that started just around 5 and went until about 9 – we did trick or treating candy-giving by candle and lamplight.

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