Rupa Sister Rainbow Dancer

My beautiful loving sister Rupa Cousins has passed on today. I was awake most of the night restless. And there is great peace, joy with sadness in her passing. I wrote this last night and this morning i send this. To all who were touched by her magic, passion and love for life, let us celebrate, Rupa Sister Rainbow Dancer.

Much love Namaya Art Rat Peace and Zoe Kopp


“Rupa Sister Rainbow Dancer”

Star of grace who dances from the sky
and landed joyfully on this earth.
Fearless in her truth, she soars and flies.
To a life of joy and love she gave birth.

She reminded us all of the higher love,
and she, the true blessing of the – dove.

Noble laughing presence so rare,
a free spirit who soared and played.
With fearless love she inspired us to care
choosing her path, in her own Rupa way

Weaving a faith of humanity that is enduring,
in her gracious style so loving and abiding.

Rupa reminded us all of the higher love;
She was and is, a true blessing from above

She wove together this rainbow of people
There were no strangers, everyone a friend.
Love and kindness – were her truth … so simple.

Rupa our beautiful rainbow dancer!
When I look to the skies I will always smile,
as she reminds us, love is the answer.

Namaya 2017 July

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  • Gift

    Am grateful for the Gift of Rupa in our community.
    Thank you especially for the words “Rainbow Dancer”
    Provided me with the needed resonating words.

  • RIP

    Last February I was in touch with Rupa, who was part of the move for action for us to become a compassionate city.

    And her efforts paid off!

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