Chief Earl Cavangh – The Kindest Salty Dog

Our shipmate, friend, Earl Cavanagh, passed on. Much love to Nancy Cavanagh, and family. Zoe Kopp and Namaya Art Rat Peace.

“Chief Earl Cavanagh the Kindest Salty Dog”

The ships bells rang out on the ship last night
Midnight watch Chief Earl took the wheel.
“Raise the damn sails high! To the morning light”
While storms raged, he stood there like steel

Main mast bending and near cracking with each howl
Deadly storms raged starboard to port
And the wind blew with each ferocious yowl.

Second Mate pleaded, “When we getting there, sir?”
With the Chief’s typical Vermont answer,
“When we get there, lad!”

The crew safe, with busted mast and torn sails
The ship sailed into the sanctuary harbor
Chief Earl brought the ship home through the gale..

Or, at least that’s the tale that Chief Earl told.
As we all know, ain’t no one better with a tale!
Or his hunt for the great white whale,
and his adventures on Seven seas ever so bold.

Now, let it all truly be told, — Chief Earl was all, mush!
He loved his dear Nancy and family with fierce devotion
Blue eyes twinkling with such love and a tender hush.
His pride and joy of family was as wide as the ocean

His dry wit, humor and love always shined true.
At the Elk’s club he loved working with kids
Each was Earl’s special child, through and through,

Though Chief Earl was the saltiest sea dog around!
His love of hearth, family and friends abounded.

I could imagine him at the Gates of Heaven.
Old St. Pete smiling and beatific, “Are you ready, Chief?”

With a twinkle in his eyes he’d say, “Damn straight, sailor!”

We hold the memory of Chief Early Cavanagh
the kindest salty dog who ever sailed the seven seas.

Big hugs from your ship mates
Namaya and Zoe Kopp

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