Aerial Photos of Lester Powers’ Procession

Lester Powers Procession

On behalf of Public Works, I was able to take a few aerial views of Lester Powers’ funeral procession earlier today.  Lester served the town for 50 years from 1945 to 1995 and operated a road grader for the majority of that time.  As such, Mr. Powers’ family requested one to lead the procession.  The first photo shows the procession headed south on Main Street, and the second two were taken at the Public Works yard on Fairground Road.

Please feel free to distribute the photos as desired.

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Joshua A. Carnes

Civil & Environmental Engineer Tech

Brattleboro Department of Public Works

211 Fairground Road, Brattleboro, VT  05301

(802) 254-4255

Lester Powers Procession

Lester Powers Procession

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  • Nice touch

    Having the grader lead the way was a brilliant idea. And just think of how many roads Mr. Powers worked on over 50 years. Quite a few of those roads are challenging just to drive, let alone grade.

    (When I go, I request the street sweeper… : ) )

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