Deborah Tewksbury: A Library of Understanding and Love

She is a library of understanding and love.
Deborah was fearlessly tender in her devotion
to Kip, April, Alex, Michael, Grandkids & friends.
Steadfast love, despite all of life’s commotions

Passionate for her books and libraries of lore,
She more wise in her love than any tome.
A life abundant with adventures galore
guided by a spirit of caring and wisdom.

Deborah, we are blessed by your light
with your passion for family and life.
You are always our enduring star so bright

Truly, you are a blessing from above.
With your wise compassion and love

much love,
Namaya and Zoe

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  • Debby

    Lovely woman who added elegance and grace where ever she went. She was part of a favorite family that has graced our town. The Tewksbury family. I have loved each one of them in life and in death they leave a bit of themselves inside of me and our community. I am a better person for having known Debby. Thank you

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