Beautiful Jonas Fricke

Beautiful dean Jonas we are all blessed by your love, creativity, friendship, joy of life. We send our love to his family and all. As we celebrate this beautiful noble spirit.

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  • In case you can't read it...

    “Dear Jonas,
    You left us when we most needed your beautiful outrageous joyful glorious
    I couldn’t sleep
    last night thinking of you I first met you when you were about three you with a mop of reddish hair,
    a huge smile and laughing Today, I weep on
    hearing your passing. The heavens should roar with shame for stealing
    you away We/ I need your enchanted beautiful glorious
    in this world. Though your long elfish beard
    was grey you exuded a beautiful glorious bovish
    you love and care for others
    was legendary. You made everyone a friend, perhaps that was
    your Quaker legacy. Your art and painting was a vibrant swirl
    of ecstasy and love, rooms of fearless imaginings
    and heavens mysteries Your art was like you,
    my dear Jonas. Like the mythic legend.. of the whale of life tried to swallow you dress you in
    conforming to the norm. But you were spit our from the
    great whale of conformity! You too vibrant
    to be held!
    You leave this earth We, your mom and dad, sister,
    many many friends
    we cherish
    Jonas who lived life ecstatically
    our beautiful Jonas!
    An enduring Ecstatic playful
    in our lives
    We love you!
    Beautiful magical loving Jonas.

    Namaya for Jonas Fricke
    8 March 2022”

  • Well Said!

    Thank you, Namaya, for expressing what’s in the hearts and minds of so very many of us, still bound to our bodies here on Earth!

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