Dogs In Hot Cars Campaign

RedRover, the Sacramento, CA based animal welfare and rights advocacy organization with an international scope, is ramping up their My Dog is Cool Campaign before the summer months arrive and dog safety in cars becomes more urgent. As part of their information resources development, they have compiled a media reports data base, as actual incidents of dogs suffering, dying or requiring euthanasia after being left in hot cars are believed to go often unreported, making accurate data collection problematic.

Here is the link to their new media reports data base:

Brattleboro, VT has been recognized by RedRover in various articles and on their Face Book’s photo album page for our efforts to curb the practice of dogs being left in hot cars by raising awareness (e.g., the local business community’s participation and printed notices on all Brattleboro dog license applications and license renewal forms). Brattleboro was also written about in a 2011 membership newsletter of The Animal Rescue League of Boston, which reaches thousands of members across the country.

Additionally, as part of RedRover’s expanding My Dog is Cool program is a current national search for interested school teachers in grades 4 through 8 to participate in a My Dog is Cool advising and mentoring campaign related project. If you are a teacher interested in learning more about the project, please contact

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  • Winter Dangers as well

    Don’t leave your pet in a car with your motor warming up while you dig the car out of the snow. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless.

    • Thank you!

      Excellent point. I just read where 4 children died in Boston following the last snow storm after plows or their shoveling parent buried the tail pipes while the children tried to stay warm inside a running car.

  • Vermont and California dogs

    I was e-mailed today by someone upstate who said Burlington is trying to pass a city law regarding dogs being left in vehicles on hot and cold days; one that reflects the state law in Vermont.

    Additionally, this woman is getting private businesses to install signs in their parking lots.

    • Hmm.. I have to say...

      I always want the best for my Dexter bear, and as such I leave him home in the summer and any other unseasonably warm days while doing errands. I also leave him home on freezing cold days (below 35 degrees). However, our family looks forward to 36-60 degree days when Dexter can come with us without abandon. Many spontaneous doggy days have ensued as a result, and our pack feels more complete with him. I would not easily give that up (and neither would he). Laws are important, some people need such black and white things for everything they do. But I like to use both the law and my common sense. on a beautiful 45 degree day I will always consider bringing Dexter along. One never knows when we might pass the best hiking trail ever in the midst of running errands.

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