Getting Your Ducks In Order, And Getting Your Duck Order In

For the last week or so, Agway on Putney Road has been having its seasonal sale of young chickens and ducks. There are five or so big bins filled with chicks, ducklings, and even a gosling or two, I think. They have some lamps to keep them warm, and food and water.

Ask for help and they’ll get a box and put your little feathered friends in it for you and you can be on your way. 

On your way to what? When we were young, parents got us some duckings to raise. They started out indoors but quickly became backyard friends.

Ducklings have a lot of energy, and can spend most of their time running around and playing with their water. They like nipping at things to see what’s good to eat.

Ducks have a lot of personality and can be quite interesting companions. They enjoy walking and running around, eating bugs, and splashing in ponds or pools. Dogs, kids, and ducks learned to peacefully coexist.

At the end of the season, we drove our ducks to the Montezuma Wildlife Reserve in central New York (Thruway drivers know the stretch) and let them out. They stayed nearby for a while, and were a bit confused when they couldn’t hop back in the van with us, but quickly swam off and joined their new friends.

I say hello to their great, great, great, great grandchildren whenever I drive by Montezuma.

If you’ve never tried a duck as a pet, think about getting your duck order in next year.

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