Searching for a Holistic Veterinarian

I am trying trying to find a holistic veterinarian for my dog. Here are the possibilities I have uncovered. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with these veterinarians, or any additional suggestions. Thanks.

Donna Harwood, DVM
77 Concord Rd.
Landau Veterinary Services, LLC
17 Gulf Road, Pelham, Mass

(413) 256-0055

Family Veterinary Center
99 Main St.
Haydenville, MA

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  • Dr. Sue Kelly's practice is

    Dr. Sue Kelly’s practice is amazing

    She does traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture as well as other holistic treatments. She volunteers her time at the Windham County Humane Society as well. She’s wonderful and she travels to you.

    Definitely check her out.


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