Gracie is Missing……No Longer!!!!!

My cat, Gracie, got out yesterday when some work was being done in my apartment. She is small/medium size; long haired, black and grey with white chest and paws. No collar. She does have a micro chip and is spayed. She escaped from 83 Oak Street – in between Williston and Chapin.

She is a very timid, indoor cat so I’m guessing she is probably terrified and hiding somewhere. I’ve been out several times looking for her and calling her – no luck so far. My other cat, Sava , went missing last summer in a similar situation and was gone 4 days before my neighbor discovered him napping on her porch. I’m hoping this current situation ends as happily.

Although she is timid if you see her and hold your hand out and gently call her by name ( Gracie) she may come to you.

Please don’t chase her! If you see her – alive or otherwise- please call or text me @ 802- 258-8581


Kris Alden                                          Kitty at top of photo is Gracie!

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  • look in the sunny spots by day

    Very pretty cat.

    We’ve had a stray dropping by for the last few months, and have been watching the weather forecasts accordingly. The next week or so is pretty nice, weather-wise.

    I bet Gracie is just out for some Spring exploring.

    • Thanks, Chris. She has never

      Thanks, Chris. She has never been outside – except for sunning on the porch – so she is either totally traumatized or thinks she’s in Disneyland! When her big brother disappeared I imagined all sorts of terrible scenarios but when my neighbors found him just sunning himself on their swing it was clear that he was no worse for wear. He wasn’t even that hungry when he came home! I hope this little girl keeps herself safe as well. Luckily, she’s spayed so she won’t come back pregnant.

      • Hope she's home soon

        Someone told me to put the litter box outside and they’ll find their way home. Never had to test it. If she had to get lost, that’s a pretty good neighborhood for it. People will look out for her.

  • That sounds good...

    She made it back on her own? Someone found her?

    Great news either way.

    • The magic of the back porch

      My across the hall neighbor knocked on my door and said he had just seen Gracie on my downstairs neighbor’s porch. This is the same porch that my Maine Coon was found on last summer- after being missing for 5 days- he was just laying on the porch swing in the sun. I went down to see if I could grab Gracie and she was nowhere to be found so I waited a bit and then put some food in a dish and just went and sat on the porch steps calling her name. After about 15 minutes I turned around and she was staring at me from the comfort of a huge, empty garden pot!
      Something about that porch is intriguing to my cats! Anyway- she seems fine- not particularly hungry- getting reunited with her friend. Going to keep all the windows closed for a few days but very happy and relived that she is back home.
      Even though she scared me to death!!

      • puurrfect news, what a

        puurrfect news, what a relief, home sweet home !

      • good news

        I hope Gracie has lost her wanderlust now.

        • Not so sure. She immediately

          Not so sure. She immediately headed for the window that opens out to the porch this morning. Keeping that closed for awhile. Both cats have always spent a lot of time out on the porch without any mishaps. I’m hoping she didn’t have such a good time out in the wide world that she’s anxious to do it again!

          • Together

            You might try taking her for short walks around the yard – staying by her side – once the snow melts. Make it a thing the two of you do together. One of our cats knows that “let’s walk” or “let’s patrol” means we’re going to walk all the way around the house together.

            I’ve noticed a few things about being with cats outdoors. One is that a good, solid blink from across the yard sort of says “hello” to them. Another is that when they sit with you, they often like to look in another direction – probably so more territory is watched than if we both looked the same way. And as for sitting in the sunny spots, I’ve been told a good way to figure out where to put solar panels is to watch where cats like to sleep. : )

  • Yay!

    Yay, yay, yay. Best news I have heard all morning.

  • Hooray!

    What a relief! I remember when my long-ago cat went missing from Spruce Street for 2 whole weeks. We walked all over the tree streets, calling his name, putting up flyers. He came back filthy and famished; I suspect he might have been locked in some garage or shed.

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