Found Cat

I found this cat yowling unhappily in a tree on one of the tree streets tonight.  He’s an intact male with a gray mackerel coat with a white chest and paws.  He’s very sweet and friendly.  He doesn’t have a collar and has a few small wounds.  Is this your cat, or do you know who he belongs to?

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  • Looks smart

    If no one claims him, I’m in the market for a mouser… : )

  • Thanks!

    He’s a beautiful, sweet cat. He definitely belongs to someone, I just hope I can find whoever it is. It was cold and late enough last night (we’ve seen a bunch of predators in the yard lately) that we brought him inside. I’m off to the vet to check for a microchip. Will update this later.

    • No chip :(

      Perhaps as expected, the vet didn’t find a microchip. We’ll put up some fliers and make some more posts. In the hours and days to come, we’ll keep you in mind, cgrotke.

      • Keep us posted

        My offer stands. I like strays who need help.

        Hopefully, though, he can be re-united. Being lost isn’t much fun.

  • Cat's future lookin Bright!

    Kudos to you, Old Nerd, to help the lost cat the way you’re doing.

    That cat has a bright future …either his owners find him,…or I’m sure he would be in good company with Chris & Lise. :>)

  • Boosting this one more time

    Anyone know this cat?

  • The cat has a home!!

    We’ll miss him, but he’s in good hands.

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