Brattleboro Dog & Wolf-Hybrid Licenses Due


Vermont dogs and wolf-hybrids 6 months of age and older must be licensed per Title 20, Section 3581(c) of Vermont State Statutes.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all licenses being renewed must be processed through the mail or online at Alternatively, you may drop your payment and forms in the Town Business drop box in the Municipal Parking lot, attached to the wooden light pole.

Vaccination against rabies is required by Vermont Statutes before licensing.  A current vaccination means:

All dogs and wolf-hybrids over three months of age shall be vaccinated against rabies.  The initial vaccination shall be valid for 12 months.  Within 9 to 12 months of the initial vaccination, the animal must receive a booster vaccination.

All subsequent vaccinations following the initial vaccination shall be valid for 36 months.

If an animal has been spayed or neutered, the certificate issued by the veterinarian must be presented when licensing the animal for the first time.  A current rabies certificate issued and signed by a veterinarian must be filed with the Town Clerk.


NEUTERED                            $21 (includes after April 1 $2 late fee)

UNNEUTERED                      $27 (includes after April 1 $4 late fee)


Specially trained assistance dogs may be eligible for a reduced licensing fee.

Any person failing to license a dog or wolf-hybrid may be fined up to $100 and the dog or wolf-hybrid may be impounded.  However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ticketing for unlicensed dogs will be held off until after the Emergency Order has been lifted. If an animal licensed last year has died or been given away, please contact the Town Clerk’s office at 251-8157 Monday through Friday, 8:30 A. M. to 5:00 P. M.


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