Computer Helper?

Can anyone help me solve this horrible problem? I have a laptop (HP) 5 years old. I recently noticed on the bottom right of the screen where it used to say “windows 7”, that it suddenly read :

Windows 7 Professional Test mode
Windows 7 Build 7600

So here’s my idiot of the century mistake explained;

My curiosity led to one thing after another and I found myself at a tech blog trying to understand what may have happened to create this change. I never did find out because I went only so far before reading some instructions on how to remove that message which required downloading a program .. Said to be from Microsoft.. Called “fix it”.

The author listed steps 1-4, the first being to get the download. So, I clicked on the link in the blog, and got the download rolling.. Opened it as it had said to do in step two of the instruction .. And then wow! My computer immediately shut down. Restarting it brought it into a repair mode,(right after a status bar that indicated windows was loading) which ended with a shutdown and new attempt to start up and from there it would only loop back into the repair mode, shutdown, restart, repair mode shut down restart til I was blue in the face. It wouldn’t restore.

I was never at the desktop as it wouldn’t get that far before the repair scan would begin again. Scan couldn’t identify the problem, so I got onto the web via my cell and found some instructions for advanced options at Microsoft to try and stop this looping action.

I followed those instructions which involved making a copy of files and programs , went through all the steps three times then finally gave up. It did appear as though the OS was still there.. Files and programs measured in bytes, but I haven’t been able to get my computer up and running. The only clue I did see at one brief point was “1033 corrupt file”.

Is my laptop salvageable, or is it toast? Anyone know?

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  • F8 key...maybe

    Don’t give up hope just yet. I’m sure somebody will come along and say I don’t know what I’m talking about (again) but it’s worked for me in the past. You’ll want to write/print these instructions.

    1. Turn off your computer.
    2. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute.
    3. Pray/Meditate
    4. With finger on the F8 key, turn on computer.
    5. Immediately Press F8 and keep pressing.

    The F8 key brings up the Safe Mode Start-up Screen. This screen will give you several options for starting your computer.

    Choose Safe Mode with Networking. Update and Run your Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software and follow file suggestions, update Windows (again) and restart your computer.

    If it doesn’t work for you, you’ll want to seek professional advice.

  • Sounds like a blue screen error

    Sounds like it’s blue screening for some reason. You need to disable automatic restart to figure out why. Turn off the system, then turn it back on and press F8 while it boots. Once you get to Advanced Boot Options select the option that says disable automatic restart on system failure. Now when it boots it should show a blue screen error which should at least point us in the right direction as to what’s happening with your laptop.

  • Thank you

    I went ahead and tried the F8 key suggestions. It lets me do that for a brief second, then beeps a loud beep . The status bar says its loading, and prior to my stupid curiosity it never did that. I would just get the window icon during boot up and from there, the desk top would appear. Right after the status bar fills, I get a black screen blink, then the empty desktop and the box indicating its in repair scan. Oh dear.. I think it’s hopeless but I appreciate the suggestions that I feel are tried and true, but just not working for me. I must have downloaded a killer rather than a fix it!

  • You don't have any kind of

    You don’t have any kind of windows installation disk or system repair disk that came with your computer?

    • That's a problem..

      The computer gave instructions on making a copy of the system to put in another partition.. In theory, if my system crashed, the copy would become my “back up” disk. The instructions came on a paper disk; too funny except I’m not laughing now.

  • Good News !

    First, let me say thanks to all the suggestions for self-help. Even though this turned out to be a situation that only a computer genius could solve, various other times people have saved the day by sharing what they know; ordinarily learned through their own experiences. It also had value for me to know that after trying these suggestions, it had reached a point where I had done all I could to avoid having to hire an expert. Nothing’s worse than hiring someone only to find out later it was something that could have been an easy self-fix!!
    I want to let everyone know that I found someone named Martin Corbin who lives right here in Brattleboro. He took my laptop, had it for less than a week, and essentially gave me back a new machine! From what he told me, it sounded as though he had to start from scratch. All for a cost I could afford.. I am thrilled!
    I told Martin I would love to help spread the word, so for anyone having computer issues and finding they need more than self-help measures, he can be reached at 802-579-5550. I have no doubt that he has the expertise to solve very imaginable problem and have everything up an running better than ever.

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