Golf Carts on Brattleboro Roads?

I’ve driven a golf cart in a community like this and it seemed like a great pollution-free way to get around.  Are golf carts allowed on the streets of Brattleboro?  Should they be?  I was struck by this quote in the article:

“Peachtree City, Ga., has roughly 13,000 households and some 11,000 registered golf carts.”

Questions for Sep 19 Brattleboro SelectBoard Meeting

The SelectBoard meeting scheduled for Tue, Sep. 19 promises to be of great significance … Details regarding attendance are here:

The Sep. 5 SelectBoard meeting recessed to Sep. 7 due to technical difficulties. Near the end of the meeting which lasted beyond 11:00pm SelectBoard member Elizabeth “McLoughlin motioned to have a discussion of the transition of care and intergovernmental coordination, interagency coordination by the town staff in recognition of consultation with the town attorney.” “McLoughlin discussed rescinding her motion. The motion was not rescinded” and the “motion passed, as presented. 3-2 (Goodnow and Reichsman opposed)” Case, Quipp and McLoughlin in favor. Minutes pp. 10-11 in the Backup Materials

Audio Issues with BCTV Channels?

Has anyone had problems with the audio on the BCTV channels (both of them) over the last several days?   I’ve contacted both BCTV and Comcast with no response from either.  Have been unable to get any TV audio on BCTV for several days,  but do get it on all other TV channels.  Happens both on “live” stuff and on replays via the BCTV schedules.  Not intermittent problems – constant silence.  Am I the only one?  (OK online, but that’s not convenient; lots of important stuff going on, hate to miss it.)

AP Triton Report?

This statement was by Patrick Moreland at the Select Board meeting of Oct 11:

“There will be a rough draft of the report in early November, then they will be back with a final report in December.”

Assassinations of Leaders

I just finished watching a long 4-part documentary entitled “Bobby Kennedy for President” (Worth watching). Bobby was murdered. His brother JFK was murdered. Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King was also murdered. 

It causes me to wonder: what kind of America would we be living in today if these leaders were allowed to live?

If The Names On The Ballot Aren’t Printed The Same Size, Is That Ballot Fraud?

To Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos:

There appears to be a serious question of ballot fraud in the printing of the Nov. 8, 2022 general election ballot in Vermont. See attached Burlington sample ballot.

The names of candidates, including myself, Ms. Cris Ericson, for U.S. Senator are printed smaller than names of candidates for other offices even though there are three empty spaces in the bottom of the
middle column so there is no reason to print those names smaller.


Information is never lost, not even in a black hole (as per Hawking) seems to be the consensus among all or nearly all astro-physicists.

Can someone knowledgeable please explain what they mean by “information?”
If that proposition is true, does it mean that, in principle, It is possible to learn what happened at any moment in the past, by gathering all the bits of information, and analyzing how they fit together?
I really do hope to read responses to this question.

Ocean Clean-Up

Why don’t we task the U.S. Navy with cleaning up the oceans? 

The program is paid for, they have boats and people, and they are out in the oceans of the world all the time.

Okay, so you want some naval defense. Fine. If not 100%, why not 50%, or 10% of their assignment be ocean clean-up?


I’ve come to expect RoboCalls. I usually get 3 or four per day. Some days I get none.
However, today I keep getting them. I estimate I’ve received at least twenty, so far.


Seeking Recommendation: Jetta with Electrical Problem

Hi, all. Has anyone else had a VW Jetta with electrical problems? ie, the headlights come on by themselves, or the daytime running lights, or the plate light, or the seat belt warning comes on when you are buckled in. How did you resolve it, where did you take the car for repair? What did you pay? Were you satisfied with the repair work? Thanks.