What Happened to Rocky Top? What is Barnabys?

Saw new sign on Main Street. What’s up?

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  • Where are the Signs?

    Is the “Barnaby’s” sign in the “Rocky Top” space? Is Rocky Top out of business?

    One thought: Barbaby’s is the very fine bookstore in Wilmington. My understanding is it was owned/run by the same folks who were the last Book Cellar owners, & when the BC was killed by the fire they just kept the Wilmington location. Maybe they’re returning to B?

    • It's not the book store. The

      It’s not the book store. The sign in the window says ” Southern Vermont’s Premier Music Hall” so that’s certainly open to interpretation. I think it would be great if it were going to be a venue similar to The Iron Horse in Northampton and would bring some diverse, quality music to Brattleboro. Hooker Dunham Theater and the place on Elliot St (Inferno? Headspace?) do a good job of bringing in entertainment but aren’t able to attract the diversity of the performers that play The Iron Horse. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • and

      Bartleby’s is the bookstore in Wilmington.

      Turn It Up has moved over near the former Rocky Top, too.

  • I suspect the new owner is

    I suspect the new owner is affiliated with Barnaby’s Presents, a concert promoter & festival organizer based in Rockingham for the last few years.

    A couple of relevant links:


    I know principal Josh Hearne from my days raising money for Our Place Drop-In Center — very community-minded, committed to promoting live music. If this really does represent the next stage of growth for Barnaby’s, good for Josh & partners and good for Brattleboro.

  • Barnaby's IS Barnaby's

    Barnaby’s IS Barnaby’s Presents. They bought the business from Rick, who owned the Rocky Top.

  • What is Barnaby's?

    Already they’re advertising their bands on local radio stations. And, they have a neat “advertising vehicle” cleverly disguised as a NYC police car.

  • So excited!

    They (Barnaby’s) have great music connections! I can’t wait to bring my little man to hear some live music!!

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