Who Buys Used Books in Brattleboro? CDs? DVDs?

I have a wide variety of books that I would like to sell.  Where is the best place to do so in Brattleboro?

Same question for CDs and DVDs – is Turn it Up the only place in town for those items?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Right here

    You can list them here in the classifieds section, free. : )

  • Craigslist


    also, you may as well post them on the western Mass. Craigslist:


  • I May be Interested

    I sell used books, and I may be interested. You are welcome to contact me through this site. Thanks.

  • Donate to a book sale

    If you haven’t disposed of them by the time they start collecting, AAUW is having their annual scholarship book sale again this Summer. Watch for publicity later in the Spring when more details have been worked out.

    • AAUW Book Sale in September this year

      Public drop-off dates are coming up at the end of the month, watch for publicity, sale will be Sept 4-5-6.

  • Also

    Brattleboro Books on Elliot buys a few books, if they are the right titles and in good condition. Call ahead and let them know what you have.

  • Turn It Up & Brattleboro Books

    I’ve sold quite a few books to Brattleboro Books over the years, but they take fewer now, with their space being so much smaller.

    Am I wrong in thinking Turn It Up buys used DVDs & CDs? They sell sued CDs and DVDs, but I’ve never tried to sell them any or observed them buying from others.

  • Sell paperback and hard cover books

    I am looking to donate 10 boxes of paperback & hard cover books in the Southern VT area

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