Accident at the Bridge?

Anyone hear what happened at the bridge in town? I just heard there was something involving a person jumping or possibly getting hit?

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  • Pedestrian hit by train in Brattleboro

    Lots of sirens around 1 pm or so. WCAX reported that someone was hit by a DC-bound train.

    I was downtown and saw lots of rescue vehicles. A friend said she had seen them all near the West River bridge, and that she also saw a train stopped nearby.

    WCAX says the pedestrian was taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

    • Dart helicopter

      I heard the scanner call. I watched the Dart helicopter fly in very quickly to pick her up.

      • Listening to Scanner

        How do you do this? I have a scanner app on my iPhone but can’t find the local police/emergency. Do you listen on an actual scanner?

  • Something happened today

    Something happened today (6/19) to Amtrak. At about 2PM, I observed an Amtrak train on a siding immediately south of Brattleboro station.
    This was later than the scheduled departure of the southbound Vermonter. The train looked empty, but the engine was running.
    Wassup anybody?

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