Food Stand at Exit 1 Outlet in Brattleboro?

Does anybody know what happened to the food stand that was at the exit 1 outlet center? Is it located somewhere else?

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  • The last time I drove by

    The last time I drove by (maybe 2 weeks go) their actual stand was still there- it just hadn’t opened for the season yet. Last year they didn’t open until mid June – I hope they come back again this year. Their food is great.

    • Last Wednesday

      It was there last Wednesday, but it wasn’t open.

      • Gone...

        I was told that he got an offer he couldn’t refuse (to set up elsewhere), so he packed up and went.

        • Oh no! Do you know where he

          Oh no! Do you know where he went to? Strange that the building/tables, etc are still there if he’s gone. I think those were his- not the properties.

          • The building isn't still

            The building isn’t still there.

          • Location, Location, Location

            The stand has been moved to Brooklyn New York. It is owned by Black Bear Sugar Works in Guilford.

          • Wow, that's a loss for Brattleboro

            If they do well, maybe they’ll come back and open a second stand here again. We can hope.

          • That's really too bad. I'm

            That’s really too bad. I’m sure he’ll do much more business in Brooklyn but the food he offered was really good and it was a nice treat to be able to go there -grab a hot dog and a delicious maple creamie on a warm summer night.
            According to posts on their FB page this was a pretty recent and quick decision. The building was still there a couple of weeks ago. I wish them luck in their new venture but will miss the stand.

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