How To Listen To Brattleboro Emergency Responders Online?

Living on Main Street, a few times a day I hear police, fire and ambulances passing by. I’ve looked all over but can’t seem to find a web-based way to listen to their scanner frequencies. I have an iphone scanner app that works well, but Brattleboro doesn’t show up in the list. Does anyone know about a site or app that has local emergency responder scanner frequencies? 

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  • We could make one

    This wouldn’t be too hard to set up. Our scanner has a headphone jack, which means it could be wired into a computer and set to stream. The main issue would be watching it to make sure the stream was operating smoothly.

    It would be a good iBrattleboro-WVEW collaboration… maybe WVEW could handle the streaming and we could provide an easy to find link.

    • If I can't find a good

      If I can’t find a good stream, will look into this but seems complicated. Easier to stream right from you to the upstream server instead of pushing stream to us and then us doing the same thing (more hardware and limited bandwidth.

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