Small Engine Repair in Guilford or Brattleboro?

Anybody have any recommendations on small engine repair (Weed Wacker, Chainsaw, Leaf Blower, etc…) in the Guilford/Brattleboro area?

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  • Small Engine Repair

    I would begin at Brown and Roberts.

    • Another Idea

      I think there is a place on Rt. 9 heading to Marlboro – maybe 5 miles out of town. It’s on the left and I always see lawn mowers outside. I can’t remember the name of it – sorry. Might be worth a drive to check it out, if Brown & Roberts doesn’t work out.

  • Dompier Electric, Maybe

    When any of our home appliances like washer or dryer start acting up, we call Dompier and they come right out. We’ve always gotten great service from them. Not sure if they fix weed whackers, but they might.

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