Supposed Call from Microsoft Windows Trouble Desk?

I just received a call from California, 408-023-6901, saying they were from regarding microsoft windows having some problem.  I asked for a little more info, and he started asking to verify info about my computer, which I refused to answer, and said if there were a problem I would expect an email regarding this, and, unfortunately, I started to raise my voice, and he hung up.  Has anyone else gotten a call like this, and reported it to anyone?  Any other info?  Thanks.

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  • Please consider filing a

    Please consider filing a complaint with the FTC. This is how they catch any bad guys or verify if they are authentic.

  • Try this:

    there are several sites on the net where people report suspicious calls and the number they originate from. I have a couple in my bookmarks that I will reference from time to time. I put that phone number into google search and right way came up with this info :

    So I would say you did the right thing by hanging up. Adding your two cents on that or other sites that keep track of such things is a good way to help others, too.

  • thanks, and another scam

    Thanks for the suggestions! And today must be a popular one for viruses. Received an email from someone that was pretending to be UPS saying to click on a link to print out a receipt to be able to pick up a package at the local UPS. Already reported to UPS. Beware, everyone!!

    • I also got this email

      I also got this email yesterday. A friend of mine on Cape Cod unfortunately responded to this same email a couple of weeks ago and within 3 hours her computer was totally shut down with a virus and several bogus charges showed up on her credit cards. It cost her over $300 to get it fixed and she lost chapters of a book that she hadn’t yet backed up. Beware, everyone! They’re out to get us!

    • DHL too

      I received a similar email puporting to be from DHL just yesterday, saying an attempt was made at delivery but no one was there, and to click a link to set up a new delivery time.

      DHL’s website also has a fraud alert about an additional scam to get recipients to click on a link to print a “prepaid shipping label.”

    • don't trust em

      I also received the DHL email a couple days ago. I ignored it but I should’ve reported it somewhere. Beware! Click on nothing unless you already know it’s valid.

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