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Does the Greyhound bus stop in Brattleboro, VT and if so, where?

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  • There is a bus that leaves

    There is a bus that leaves Springfield MA each morning and stops at the gas station next to Dublin . Donuts on Canal about 10 or so. Also a bus coming from NH going to MA stops there about 10:15 That is it. Amtrak is a better,more reliable option.

    • Oh well...

      I was considering Greyhound as an option because I’ll be visiting Brattleboro the week of Christmas. It would have been a 19-hour ride from where I live anyway. I hope Brattleboro resolves its issue with Greyhound because that must be hurting tourism.

      • Most of the way?

        Could you do Greyhound to Springfield, then switch?

        • The problem is that Greyhound

          The problem is that Greyhound did away with any connecting rides from South Station to Springfield. the only way you can do it is to take the 8:30 PM bus from South Station to Springfield – SPEND THE NIGHT in the Springfield Bus terminal (a terrifying experience at any time of the day let alone all night) and then board a 9AM bus to Brattleboro. It’s the stupidest plan any bus company ever came up with. If you’re going to Boston or points beyond it’s easier – you can get that 10:20 bus from Brattleboro- go to Springfield and then get any of the hourly buses that go to Boston. Greyhound said the change was because it was not a “profitable ‘route. I say it’s not a profitable route because they make it so incredibly difficult to get anywhere.
          I used to take the bus to Boston twice a month – now I take the train. More expensive but so much less aggravation.

      • From Boston, or elsewhere?

        Where are you coming from, R. ?

  • Greyhound, etc.


    You might try this out:

    (You’ll need to register to search possible rides.)

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