Recommendations For General Practitioners Around Brattleboro?

I’m looking for suggestions and advice about finding a general practitioner, preferably someone who knows about lumps.  Any suggestions and advice are welcome. Thank you.

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  • Naturopaths

    There are several new naturopaths in the area. I’d be interested in hearing about people’s experiences with them.

  • General Practitioners

    Drs. Peter Foote and Lauren McClure along with Physician Assistant Gerald Doherty of Brattleboro Family Medicine are well regarded physicians and are committed to providing quality medical care to the community and meeting their patients’ medical needs. 

    Patients every day choose Brattleboro Family Medicine for their health care because of the quality services, expert care, personal attention, convenient location, relaxed atmosphere and friendly professional staff. 

    Give them a call at 802-251-8455 or visit for more information.

  • I would recommend Dr. Thomas

    I would recommend Dr. Thomas Evans, M.D. who is also in practice with his wife, Barb Evans, NP. They are in the same building I believe. He’s been my doctor for 10 years and organized the Free Clinic in Brattleboro, which is next door.

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