Drone of Leaf Blowers

Is anyone addressing the annoying and endless drone of leaf blowers? Do we live in Vermont to listen to this noise hours on end? Killing the silence of our rural life. I know California has laws regarding them. We should at least have hours of day and limits to how much of this we who live here have to put up with listening to them. Thoughts?

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  • Yes

    Brattleboro does have a machine-noise problem. If it isn’t a leaf blower, it’s a lawn mowing servicer using a too-large mower, or a tree cutting service convincing a homeowner to take down their big, old trees.

    Even if neighbors are relatively infrequent with these noisy events, they add up quickly to become – as is said above – an endless drone of lawn maintenance noise.

    For me, the early mornings, dinnertime mowing, and Sunday morning noise was the worst part.

    If we play with the limited hours suggestion, how about lawn and tree noise limited to 9am to 5 pm, Mon- Sat. Nothing before 9 am and nothing on Sundays. If you violate, there should be a steep fine. (New income stream for town!)

  • leaf blowers

    For a wider discussion of leaf blowers, see current issue of Green Energy Times (“on newsstands everywhere!”)

    GET, Issue 52, Oct-Dec 2018, p 39

  • Stop picking up leaves, and save the planet

    It’s actually better if the leaves are left to compost. They provide food and warmth for insects at the bottom of the food chain, which helps all of us up that chain. They also decompose and replenish the soil.

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