Post Office Protester?

Whatever happened to the man who used to protest something unspecified in front of the Main Street post office always trailing computer print-out pages that he regularly stopped to switch with other trailing computer print-out pages from the back seat of his car?

I tried to interview him once but he would not talk. Wish I had at least gotten his picture before he disappeared.

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  • He's still around

    I’ve seen him recently doing the same as always.
    I have no idea what his beef is.

  • His "Beef"

    The “scroll” sign with a light green/yellowish background in the very first from of this video [about custody of his daughter] may indicate his motivation.

  • To see what it says:

    I was able to take a screen shot, and even to turn it into a jpg, but I do not know how to upload it to ibrattleboro. To see the still picture which seems to show the issue that motivates him, do the following:
    1. Click on the link
    2. The video will start rolling. Hit the pause button in the lower left or else just click on the video to get it to stop.
    3. Grab the scroll at the bottom, pull it back to the very beginning and quickly click on the picture or pause button to get it to stop before it can begin playing.

    You should now see a sign which mentions a custody issue, and proclaims to his daughter, Hailey, how much he loves her and is signed not as “President Brunnell” (the signature on his other signs) but as Hailey’s father.

  • Hard to tell

    The collection of signs in the car seemed to me to indicate a long list of grievances. Problem is, it is hard to tell what issues they are.

    After all this time, none of the issues really jumps out at me. The lists are a bit too long and difficult to absorb when walking into the post office, and they are always in motion and being swapped for others.

    I’ve heard rumor that some people have been added to his lists. Not sure how one gets that honor.

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