Burger King Closed?

Just noticed Burger King is dark and all the signage removed. Anything to do with the famous mouse? Or just lease change or renovation plans?

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  • Seems like it

    It certainly looks closed to me.

    Back in the day, when I ate fast food far more often, I always appreciated having choices. There were even times when we’d hit the drive-thrus of multiple restaurants just to get the “best” from each (and to be silly). A BK burger, with Wendy’s fries, and a McDonald’s milkshake was a good mix, as I recall.

    I think some sort of good restaurant right at Exit 1 would be a plus. It’s the first exit off the highway since Massachusetts and people are often looking for something to eat. The Exit 1 area in general is an underused opportunity, in my view. It should be welcoming and bustling. It’s a first impression for many coming here, and right now they see some kinda worn-down and closed places.

    • An eyeful

      I agree that Exit 1 is under utilized. It doesn’t help the area that the first thing you see as you come off the highway is that hideous purple outlet center.The building is unattractive on its own but that color is just an assault on the senses. What about a few food trucks there to entice folks in??
      There used to be a wonderful hotdog/ maple creemie truck there that would pull people in.
      I believe they left to participate in the huge food truck Smorgasbord in Brooklyn, NY.
      Exit 1 does not give a good first impression of our town, that’s for sure.

  • Circumstantial evidence

    I do not know the specific reason the owner of the Burger King on Canal St closed his business, but I do know that Burger King restaurants have been struggling nationwide. They were talking about overhauling the brand last fall.

    As for our own Burger King, there is this one nugget of news from this past December (12/5/2018), as reported in the Reformer: “Mouse video prompts inspection at local restaurant.”

  • Latest Rumor

    An acquaintance said he heard a rumor that Burger King might be looking at the old Friendly’s location. No confirmation of that, however.

    I know that Friendly’s lot was on the market for $800K and the for sale sign has been removed and fencing installed (it had turned into a very busy truck parking lot, probably a sign we do still need a truck stop, because even though people say they don’t want trucks here, there ARE trucks here, and at least with a truck stop they’d be organized in a parking lot rather than haphazardly parked on the road shoulders).

  • Their new burger is getting rave reviews....

    Kind of a shame that they closed when they did, given the high marks and reviews of their new “meatless” Whopper.


    In this story, a lobbyist for the meat industry gave the new sandwich a try and said that “If I didn’t know what I was eating, I would have no idea it was not beef.

    “Meat” from plants rather than animals.

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