Greeting Cards in Brattleboro?

Now that Baker’s has closed. where in town can I buy decent greeting cards?

Let me know at 257-1829


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  • greeting cards downtown

    Vermont Artisan Designs has a good assortment of greeting cards. i have a friend from Boston who, whenever he comes to visit, always picks up a decent supply from there. I do not know how much more expensive they are than your typical Halmarks, but at least they are available. And unique.

  • "Hallmarks", that is

    Sorry for the typo.

    (I’ve noticed that the new iBrat does not seem to have the “edit” option which had been available in the old version)

  • Cards Around Town

    They also have lots of cards at Everyone’s Books and Altiplano. They cost between $4 and $5 each, so pricey, but there are quite a few cards. If you’re looking for something Hallmark-like but cheaper, there’s the Dollar Store on Canal Street down from Pricechopper. They have a whole aisle of cards and they’re all $1 each.

    That said, I too miss Bakers…

  • Lots of choices

    There’s no shortage of places to buy greeting cards in Brattleboro. All of the Rite-Aid and Walgreens have large varieties of fairy inexpensive cards as does Market 32 and Hannafords.
    The Co-op has some cards- pricey but lovely . As previously mentioned all the dollar stores carry cards more like a Hallmark store type. Everyone’s Books
    is my favorite place to get cards – they have a good selection and more unusual- often edgy cards. Not for everyone, I understand.
    The town is certainly in short supply of some things- greeting cards is not one of them.

  • Cards

    I did my due diligence.
    All the pharmacies plus the 2 markets have decent card sections at $3.00 and up. The Dollar Store wins hands down! They have more cards, and they’re all a Buck. (some are 2 for a buck). I bought a few, and they were actually Hallmark.
    I didn’t try Everyone’s books.
    Thanks for the help!

  • And, people here make them

    You can also buy card-making materials and create your own cards. Zephyr’s and Staples usually have blank cards with envelopes.

    And quite a few local artists make or can make you a custom card. Farmers’ market sometimes has some.

  • More cards

    In addition to art supplies, Zephyr has some lovely unusual cards, as does Ruggles & Hunt.

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