Is This A Scam?

I received a letter – that talks about a local neighborhood online network called Nextdoor Brattleboro..

It says my street name in the head line of the text.

Is this for real?






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  • Yes and no

    Yes and no.

    Brattleboro has had iBrattleboro since 2003, and it is one of the very first web sites in the US to give regular people the ability to publish news and info about where they live via the “world wide” web.

    There are many imitators, but only one original.

    Next-door Brattleboro looks a lot like an out-of-state company auto-generating millions of sites across the country. Nothing local or unique about it. I’m sure they scoop up your data and sell it to advertisers and research companies. WE DON”T.

    So, it is “real” in that it exists and but a bit scammy because they are spamming people to get new users (sort of the way Front Porch Forum is from out of town, and has weird ways of dividing up people and keeping information segregated so it can’t be shared by all, but claims to be local and open.)

    I’d say that Brattleboro has no real need for this new site, but I am biased. : ) It’s your time and your town, and you can decide what you’d like to do. We’d like you to use iBrattleboro, of course, because we’ve put a lot of time and energy into making it a site just for Brattleboro – with news, events, your own local social media pages, only local ads, no tracking or selling of data, history, weather, classifieds, and so on. All free and open to everyone in town, regardless of the street you live on.

  • I agree

    A flyer for nextdoor Brattleboro was left at our house, so Ms. Twain and I visited their site. As cgrotke described it looked like a “local” site contrive by a national company. What seemed particularly dishonest to me was a claim about how many hundred of your neighbors have already joined.

    Not only was it implausible that hundred of local people would have signed up for a site which had barely gotten started, but I am certainly not going to manipulated by “jump-on-the-bandwagon” bullshit suggesting that I should sign on because everyone else is.

  • infomining

    They sure look like an infomining conglomerate.
    We don’t need what they’re selling.

  • Is this a scam - Nextdoor

    I see no need since I have Front Porch that cover Brattleboro.

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