School Budget Vote Results?

Wonder if the votes from yesterday’s WSESD School District Budget Vote have been tabulated (assume so) and might soon be reported? Often ibrattleboro is ahead of other media on these results.

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  • Unofficial results...

    JUNE 30, 2020

    ARTICLE 1 – Accept the reports of the District Officers.
    YES NO
    1534 -43

    ARTICLE 2A – Steven Brown, Moderator
    YES NO Write-In
    1570 – 0- 7

    ARTICLE 2B – Barbara Nowakowski, District Clerk
    YES NO Write-In
    1593 -0- 3

    ARTICLE 2C – Frank Rucker, Business Administrator
    YES NO Write-In
    1563 -0 – 13

    ARTICLE 3 – Board Stipends
    YES NO
    1484- 256

    ARTICLE 4 – Budget Vote
    YES NO
    1531- 242

  • Thanks for answer

    I knew ibrattleboro would be first to report it (at least from my searching town & school district websites with no mention of it.)

  • Unproper Public Warning Notice obstructs and obsoletes vote results

    Where as the municipal calendar site at

    only mention of the vote event is detail as

    Windham SE School Dist Special Meeting
    Tue 6/30/2020 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
    Windham SE Supervisory Union, 53 Green St, Brattleboro

    The annual wsesd budget/ballot vote was labeled as a meeting; this wording misrepresents the intent and purpose of the event and misleads People who are unaware of the important specific details involved the description. The calender is supposed to serve communication educational information and link people to additional relevant website sources such as

    The Municipal Secretary Jan Anderson and Clerk Hilary Francis were contacted about this issue and showed no effort to resolve the concern by this date, and there will be resulting petition for a properly warned re-vote date.

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