The Catholic Malaise

I’m listening to a broadcast on VPR about the currently exploding priest sexual scandal.

As a descendant of Irish people, I grew up Catholic. Total immersion: Mass every Sunday, 12 years of Catholic school, Altar Boy. The whole ball of wax. I even joined a Catholic fraternity in college.

I have to say that I never observed any hint of sexual abuse toward myself or toward anybody else, male or female.

However, it IS happening. And if they don’t do the right thing, it will destroy the Church.

First and foremost, they have to get rid of this ridiculous celibacy rule. It’s not working, and it seems to attract the wrong kind of people.

Married priesthood works well among the Anglican and Orthodox communities.

Second, and actually more important, they need to open up the priesthood to women. My current pastor is a woman as was her immediate predecessor.

The Catholic Church does a lot of good in the world. They need to continue doing it. But they need to eliminate this sickness.

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