Bus Station In Brattleboro?

Is there a bus that goes from Bratt to NYC again?

Greyhound doesn’t answer its phone. Vermont Transit still has Bratt on their website. But I remember the bus station went away a while ago.

Theresa Maggio

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  • Bus versus train

    Better to take the train. It leaves Bratt about 12:30 PM and arrives Penn Station in about 6 hours.
    It’s a relaxing trip.
    Buses still come and go (I think) from the Shell Station on Canal, near Price Chopper .

  • Bus

    There is a bus that leaves Brattleboro once a day -around 10:15 from the gas station on Canal Street (near Pricechopper & Dunkin Donuts) There is no bus back that wouldn’t require spending overnight at the Springfield Ma bus terminal- not something that seems very pleasant or safe. I often take the bus from Bratt and then take the Amtrak train back home.

  • Megabus

    The cheapest and easiest bus to new york I’ve found is megabus – http://www.megabus.com. It leaves from the Hampshire mall in Amherst. If you take the train ($12) from bratt to amherst, you can take the pvta city bus ($3) to the Hampshire mall, where mega bus ($20) picks up, then it’s a straight shot to NYC (Drops off at 34th st near Penn Station). Not bad for about $35.

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